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It’s truly a sporting life with Hermes’ newest bike!

It seems Hermes really knows more than just high-end bags and scarves. Paris-based luxury brand has launched saddles, poker chips, baseball bats and petanque balls in the past and true to its new motto “A sporting life!”, Hermes’ latest offering is an ultra-luxe bike which will go in stores next month for about $11,000 each.

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“We wanted to make a real bike that is easy to use,” says Francois Dore, managing director of Hermes’s Horizons department. Notice the lack of cycling adjectives in that statement; it’s not a “fast” bike or a “mountain” bike. It’s just a “real” bike—a really nice one. Hermes names it “Le Flaneur,” which translates to “the stroller” or “the dawdler.” In other words, it’s not for the sweaty, speeding masses.

The carbon-fiber bicycle called Le Flâneur d’Hermès, is more than twice the price of an earlier bike the company has released which is more like a vintage-style cruiser.

Now this is one bicycle seems too chic to be used in the streets.



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