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The Future of Luxury

We’re all excited, awaiting the imminent release of the Apple Watch. Apple’s latest product is a work of luxury and sophistication. Completely polished and posh, the watch will come with a variety of wrist bands and a few styles to match everyone’s needs. The most impressive of which is the Watch Edition style, featuring an […]
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Cartier’s limited edition Floral Marquetry Parrot watch is a combination of luxury, art and innovation

Each year, watch collectors and luxury enthusiasts look forward to the custom timepieces that Cartier releases. Cartier comes up with watches that are under the categories of luxury and ultra-luxury. The 2014 ultra-luxury Cartier piece is not just clad in diamonds but also bears innovation in terms of technique and the art. According to The […]
There has been a lot of buzz about how car companies are improving their technology to match the rapidly changing clamor for mobility, easy accessibility and the “app-driven” generation of innovations. Because of this, Mercedes-Benz has taken a big step and partnered with Pebble Technology. According to It’s taken two decades, but Mercedes is finally […]
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