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Luxury on Land and Sea

Introducing the Sealander, a luxury Amphibious Camping Trailer. This sleek and chic little trailer can ride on land or sea as your own personal caravan or yacht! The Sealander is the perfect compact combination of a mobile home and maneuverable boat, to make any trip one of luxury and fun.

This trailer, designed to be lightweight and it is made, in Germany, with only the highest quality materials. The accents on the interior are made of leather and wood. The special hitch is waterproof and can be used by almost any make and model of vehicle, including sub-compacts and luxury cruisers. Don’t be fooled by it’s size – the little electric motor is powerful!

The Sealander offers a wide number of optional packages, like the Marine package, which includes an anchor for overnight stays on the water and a first aid kit, or the Living package and it’s custom curtains and cushions. Additional features and included in other packages: on-board shower, marine radio, and a 18 liter compressor cooler, to name a few. You can also customize the wood type of the interior elements, as well as most of Sealander colors, including the body shell.

This luxury caravan and yacht in one starts out at about €15,000. For more information on this little beauty, head over to the Sealander website. Check out Outside Online for more Sealander coverage. Do you enjoy boating or camping? Do you own a yacht or caravan? What about a Sealander? Do you want to? Let us know in the comments down below. Rate, share, and subscribe for all the latest in luxury.

Sealander - luxury caravan and yacht in one

Sealander – luxury caravan and yacht in one

Completely customizable interior

Completely customizable interior


Sealander is ready for adventure on the water and on land!

Fun for one or a party!

Fun for one or a party!

Cozy interior is custom and full of amenities.

Cozy interior is custom and full of amenities.


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