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Going from boutique to boutique or from store to store to find the best designer brands is a little bit tiring, not to mention it consumes time. Everybody loves to shop, yes, but busy career women do not have the leisure of strolling around high- class malls in their Manolos or Choos all the time. Here’s the good news. An online action will be launched featuring high- end fashion brands this March 18 by Christie’s.

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Christie’s is launching a season of vintage couture, handbags and accessory sales with this online-only auction of luxury handbags and accessories, which opens for bidding on 18 March. The sale features a wide array of vintage handbags in bright and vibrant colours, with over 125 lots by sought-after designers including Hermès, Chanel, and Christian Dior. Highlights include iconic Hermès Birkins and Kellys in bright spring colours and exotic leathers.

Here are the two of the must-to- watch items that’s worth craving for

1. (Lot 85) Louis Vuitton Petanque Set

Starting price: £700

This is a rare, limited edition Petanque ball set was made by Louis Vuitton in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the sport Petanque that include nine monogrammed balls encased in leather and cochonnet, or jack. This set was never available to the masses and were solely made for VIP clients.


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2. (Lot 38) Hermès Sac à Malice

Starting price: £600

Its rare beach design was probably the reason for its uniqueness. The piece that will be auctioned was made 1988 and is extremely rare nowadays.

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Among other items to watch are Menthe leather Kelly bag, Lot 47; amethyst crocodile Birkin bag, Lot 67; a 1960s black crocodile Kelly bag, Lot 120; limited edition fuchsia pink Chanel Ladybug Charm Classic Flap bag, Lot 69; Hermès Kelly souvenir de l’exposition 1997.

If you’re one heck of a collector of rare designer bags, it must be your thing. So, ready your credit cards or cash and grab the chance


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