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Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Milan Italy

Milan in Italy is the second most populated city in Italy and is recognized as one of  the world’s most important fashion capitals along with Paris, London and New York. Aside from being visited for fashion, Milan is also a destination for its rich historical landmarks and churches.

Seven Stars Galleria 

Location: Via Silvio Pellico 8, Downtown Milan, 20121 Milan
Suites start at: $ 1,207.37

Seven Star Galleria, as the name suggests, is a seven star hotel that offers nothing but pure luxury. Standing proudly at the heart of Italy’s fashion city, this hotel is not for individuals only but also for family bonding as well. It has an unfeigned family atmosphere, and the is only hotel built inside the historical “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II”. Aside from the luxe ambience, the service at Seven Stars Galleria is nothing but impeccable.



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Four Seasons Hotel Milano   

Location: Via Gesù 6-8, Downtown Milan, 20121 Milan
Suites start at: $ 800

It will always be a pleasure to be served by Conde Nast Award and Travel and Leisure Award winner, the Four Seasons Hotel Milano. Albeit the hotel is styled with contemporary Italian designs, anyone who decides to stay here will go back to the Renaissance of the 15th century or even in the 18th century with the delightful features touching some of the unforgettable relics of the said periods.


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Park Hyatt Milano    

Location: Via Tommaso Grossi 1, Downtown Milan, 20121 Milan
Suites start at: $1885

Leisure is what they give for your travel and that made this hotel won the title as 1st World’s Best Service and the award Travel and Leisure in 2012. Not only that.  Because of the fine dining that is offered by the restaurant at this hotel, namely Restaurant VUN, the restaurant was awarded Michelin Star by Michelin Guide. And the most of all, in 2011, Park Hyatt hotel was awarded as the number one luxury hotel in Milan.


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Armani Hotel Milano

Location: Via Manzoni 31, Downtown Milan, 20121 Milan
Suites start at: $1097

Whether to stay, to dine in, to the spa, or to experience special moments is your motive, Armani Hotel Milano can meet all your desires. Stay and feel the genuine say of sophistication, dine in at Armani/ Ristorante that delights you with their classic, savouring Italian cuisines.  Or maybe, relax and throw problems away with their invigorating spa therapies.


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Grand Hotel Et De Milan 

Location: Via Manzoni 29, Downtown Milan, 20121 Milan
Suites start at: $ 700

Save time and money with this hotel being a step away from the world- renowned and famous opera house, the La Scala, and the magnificent Duomo Cathedral. With the hotel being the second home of famous like Caruso and Maria Callas, its service at providing luxury is already proven.


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