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Versace Home Collection is Divine

Most are aware of the Italian fashion powerhouse, Versace. They’re aware of the luxurious and elegant designs that Versace sends down the runway and the opulent accessories that match. Some have even heard the brand-inpsired track from the Atlanta Trio, Migos. What most might not know, is Versace has a complete line of luxury home goods!

The line, entitled “La Coupe de Dieux” (translating to Cup of the Gods), is the extravagant entry from Versace for the “Salone del Mobile 2015” convention. Held in Milan, the yearly furniture convention showcases the finest in homewares. The line is composed of everything from classy cups and crystal napkin rings, to silk bed sheets and custom sofas. The centerpiece is the La Coupe de Dieux Chair, created by Dontatella Versace, the overseeing artistic director of the company.

The chair is a stunning work of luxury, featuring the iconic Versace Greek key. The sleek, silver leather seat, and matching arm rests, are laminated for a long, luxurious life. The gold embellishments stand out beautifully against the silver upholstery and the polished steel support rails. The circular back is a stunning display of greek motif and the baroque insignia of Versace.

Every piece of “La Coupe de Dieux” is divine, with an unearthly price tag to match. To see the entire collection, visit the Versace website. Complex broke down the 15 priciest pieces from the collection here. What do you think of the luxury homeware line? Have you ever purchased an item for the home from Versace? Have you ever worn Versace? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below. Remember to rate, share, and subscribe to keep yourself up to date on the latest in luxury.

La Coupe de Dieux Chair

La Coupe de Dieux Chair

African Cushion - $275

African Cushion – $275

Medusa Napkin Ring - $110

Napkin Ring – $110

Medusa Tea Cup & Saucer - $276

Medusa Tea Cup & Saucer – $276

Iconic Heroes Plate - $295

Iconic Heroes Plate – $295

Gold Robe - $580

Gold Robe – $580

Heritage Linens, Flat Sheet - $310

Heritage Linens, Flat Sheet – $310

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