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Disney Dream Homes

For the first time ever, Disney is opening its gates for a luxury private community. Located at the Orlando theme park Walt Disney World, and dubbed Golden Oak after the California ranch were earlier films and movies were shot, this neighborhood will feature 400 deluxe designer homes, complete with Disney themes of course! You may remember the Town of Celebration from the 90s, which was a Disney development, but it wasn’t on site. Instead, it was built on a parcel of land adjacent to I-4. Residents of Golden Oak will have to drive deep into the heart of the park to get to the private gate.

The land is currently being developed on what was previously a Disney golf course. These houses make up the most luxurious vacation community for travelers, but are also the permanent homes of some families. Families like Carl Guidice’s, who stumbled upon the area on a recent trip to Walt Disney World. Neatly secured behind a guard house and gate, Golden Oak sits fewer than three miles from the Magic Kingdom. The gated entry is on Disney property and is the only way in to Golden Oaks.

Carl gave up a home in Maui to live at Golden Oaks! His current abode is a modest 3,110sqft, on the small scale for this neighborhood. He lives happily with his wife and daughter, in a community of Disney-loving and down-to-earth people. The home is beautiful, modern, and full of hidden surprises, like the Mickey Mouse silhouette embedded in a stone in their outdoor fireplace. They plan to build a larger house now that they have moved to Golden Oaks permanently. Guidice told Orlando News channel 6,

We were living in Maui, which in many people’s eyes is paradise. So I knew if I was going to get [my family] back to the mainland, I had to find a place that could rival Maui. And we found it here at Golden Oak. Once you experience this place, you’re going to be hard-pressed to match it.”

These homes start out at about $1.8 mil for the smallest, to an upwards of $5.8 mil. As a resident, after a fair fee, you’ll have access to the Summerhouse. The Walt Disney Imagineering team designed a stunning Tuscan-style clubhouse, including a fully equipped gym and lavish swimming pool. Summerhouse will also feature a ritzy cocktail bar and an extraordinary restaurant. Residents have access to a private shuttle service to commute from their homes to the main entrances. You’ll also be given an annual pass for the Disney parks as a member of the Golden Oak community.



The place is huge! Golden Oak is divided by neighborhood, each unique in design and elegant. Homeowners can choose from Carolwood – the naturally exclusive area, Kimball Trace – a green setting full of Tuscan-inspired homes, Silverbrook – a modern place, or Marceline – the newest neighborhood on the block. The architecture is derived of elements from classic Floridian buildings as well as as styles of European and Caribbean works, making for paradise perfect homes. Though the outside must appeal to Walt Disney World ideas and themes provided, the inside of the homes are completely customizable. Choose from dozens of floor plans specific to each neighborhood. Let your “Disneyphile” show when you select the Disney colors, themes, and furnishings to match your story. One of the model homes has a “Frozen” themed bedroom exhibit, including an icy crystal chandelier and Elsa’s dress encased for display.

Golden Oaks isn’t the Hamptons, and isn’t home to the typical snobbish elitists you might think. Most of population is made up of successful entrepreneurs, leaders in business, and attorneys. There’s even a former Walmart CEO living there. The closeness of schools and other businesses makes this a prime family home location. Roughly a third of current residents are living there full time, while the rest use their places as vacation homes. There aren’t any celebrities or famous athletes living at Golden Oaks, yet.

Golden Oaks opened its gates to the first homeowners is 2012, after offering homes in the end of 2010. More than 115 of the lots have been purchased by future residents, and almost 40 of the homes are finished. Sales are being made fast. Head over the the Golden Oaks site to learn more about the experience of Disney resort living or the neighborhoods. To find out about the real estate options left in Golden Oaks correspond with them through the Contact section. There’s also a Resale section for previously lived in homes. For the full scoop on this luxury community, check out the article for by Mike DeForest. Is your inner six year old screaming to living near Mickey and all the Disney Princesses? Would you want to live in the happiest place on earth? Let us know what you think in the comments!






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