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Natural Perfumes by JoAnne Bassett

Natural Perfumes are created using the finest materials available. They are precious works of art.  Using wisdom and alchemy she works with the energies of the plants to create exquisite perfumes that make you feel transformed.


JoAnne uses rare and precious oils from nature in her Custom Bespoke Perfumes and in her Fragrance Collections. These c
ustom one of a kind creations are enjoyed by women and men with impeccable taste. For 22 years she has created these gems and has clients from all over the world. People with discerning taste seek her out and have bespoke perfumes created for their families. She is able to do this without meeting individuals in person. A phone consultation and her ability to read people has resulted in marvelous custom perfumes. People return to her year after year and commission her to create a new one and to also reorder previous formulas. An in person consultation with an Aromatic Journey is available by appointment.

JoAnne is meticulous in her ability to create complex 100% natural perfumes. Her perfumes have the ability to uplift and support with the aromatherapy benefits the natural oils are known for. These unique combinations of essences are created in her perfume room one at a time. Her collections are born with her ability to turn an idea or experience into scented form. The whole process from the idea, to the actual mixing of the natural essential oils and absolutes to create formulas, the dermal testing, the evaluation, the alchemy that she performs, the maturing of the bases, and the bottling and labeling take place in her perfume room.





1 oz bottles




Why Natural Perfumes?

In the 90s when JoAnne Bassett was creating private label natural product lines for spas, she started formulating natural perfumes for spa owners. She realized that she was most attracted and impassioned by these adventures into this land of scents to heal and uplift.

“The smells sent my nose, brain, body and spirit soaring free,” says JoAnne. It was during this time JoAnne learned how all-natural fragrances can be used as a sweet-smelling tool to reach people by tapping into Nature’s power to energize, enlighten and empower.

Later, JoAnne studied the ancient French art of hand crafted parfumerie. Using the finest essential oils, absolute essences and botanicals, she trained herself to blend together fine works of “fragrance art.”

When available, JoAnne scavenges for wild and organic essences from all over the world. She never uses phthalates, synthetic aroma chemicals, nature identicals, isolates, artificial dyes, parabens, or petroleum products. Her products are never tested on animals and her lines are cruelty free. JoAnne uses organic jojoba oil in her perfumes and organic grape alcohol from wine grapes for the eau de toilettes, and eau de parfums.

JoAnne Bassett crafts her natural perfumes in Orange County’s luxury gold coast. She is passionate about her company using green products and sustainable materials, so she supports local farmers and distillers. JoAnne also uses refillable bottles and her sturdy, quality perfume boxes can also be reused and even kept as sacred heirlooms.


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