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There’s an Audi for That

Audi is bringing their luxury to a new market, with Audi on Demand. The app-based service is for luxury car rentals. The platform is simple – members select a vehicle and it is delivered to their driveway. Members can choose any model, from convertibles and coupes to sedans and SUVS, from the enormous Audi fleet.

The service is currently being offered in San Francisco as a beta test. When a member rents an Audi, the concierge delivers it with a full tank, and retrieves the car when finished. Pick up and drop off hours are 7 am to 8 pm, but vehicles can be reserved 24/7 through the app. Renters can also receive their vehicles from an official Audi on Demand garage.

Only the R8 and S/RS models have a 200 mile limit, the others have one, giving customers the true freedom of a super luxury vehicle. While a special card key can be issued, it isn’t necessary for vehicle operation. The Audi on Demand app has special features which allow renters to access certain parts of the vehicles, such as door locks and ignition. An almost completely app-based service.

While other companies offer the option of renting a luxury vehicle, currently no other manufacturers or brands have gotten into the rental market. Audi on Demand is a market first, offering luxury vehicles straight from the maker. Costs will range from around $200 to $1300 a day, a reasonable price for luxury.

You can find the Audi on Demand app in the itunes market place. Check out the webpage for more details. For more on the story, head over to Business Insider. For more about Audi, check out our previous articles on the TTS Competition and the Q7. Would you rent an Audi? Would you use an app-based rental service? Have you ever? Tell us what you think in the comments section down below. Remember to rate, share, and subscribe to keep up to date on the latest in luxury. Like us on Facebook for even more!


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