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What if fine dining meant everyday items in luxury brand packaging?

Have you noticed that luxury brands are expanding to cover different markets? Automakers are creating accessories, apparel and furniture; luxury fashion and skincare brands can be found in hotels and so on.

But what if luxury brands also offered grocery items, would anyone be interested? Well, that is one of the points that Peddy Mergui wanted to find out in his exhibit.

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A product’s packaging has a lot of power over buyers, and designer Peddy Mergui wants both consumers and those in his field to start recognizing that.

In an exhibition titled Wheat is Wheat is Wheat, Mergui wraps over a dozen basic food products — from eggs to coffee to salami — in high-end designers’ patterns and big brands’ famous packagings in order to elicit reactions based on brand recognition. Meet Apple’s iMilk, Prada’s flour, and Burberry’s ramen. “High-end brands are not selling the products, they are selling the lifestyle,” Mergui tells The Verge by phone. But now, those brands are beginning to branch out, “extending products to a lot of fields that did not use to be there.”

Although is seems absurd, Mergui has noticed that people actually have expressed strong reactions of liking the grocery items in luxury brand packaging. Mergui also shared his experience of showing Chanel-branded baby formula to a major business executive who became interested in getting one for her child.

The exhibit Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is currently at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco and will be there through June 15th. 


iMilk by Apple


flour by Prada


coffee by Cartier


olive oil by United Colors of Benetton


butter by Bvlgari


fruits by Nike


corn flavored noodles by Burberry


pasta by Ferrari


petit beurre by Dolce & Gabbana


pickles by Gucci



eggs1 luxury-groceries-3yogurt1

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If luxury brands expanded into basic food items, would you be interested?

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