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Mia Moretti Meets MAC

MAC brings it back in time for Coachella 2015, along with DJ Mia Moretti, with the launch of a premiere festival collection. Moretti is a frequent Coachella rocker, having gone for the last six years, but this year is sure to be a big one for her with the roll out of this collaboration with MAC Cosmetics

This isn’t Mia’s first time working with MAC. She’s actually disc jockeyed a few parties during previous festivals, such as SXSW and Lollapalooza. She’s also done a little product curating for the company, but this is her first step in actual production and design. When she isn’t DJing, you catch catch her all-female act, The Dolls, starring Mia Moretti and violinist Catlin Moe.

Moretti strives for a flawless fashion that’s effortless and functional, as well as luxurious. Her line is wearable for more than just the occasional festival. In fact, the fresh colors and flexible use make this line the perfect traveling companion. (Especially with one of the sleek and modest make-up totes from the line.) When designing the makeup she kept the young-at-heart in mind, and picking vibrant colors that are fun and flirty.

DJ Mia Moretti - Coachella 2014

DJ Mia Moretti – Coachella 2014

The 2015 collection includes two base creams, two multipurpose color creams, a lip palette, two lipsticks, and four bags. The make-up bags are woven like a basket, easily to carry and easily transformable for any occasion. She picked a classic red for one shade of lipstick, in a matte finish, for effortless and timeless glamor. The lip palette is a six-in-one combination of all the fun and flirty colors “you probably wouldn’t buy on [your] own.”

All the items in the collection are built for travel in mind, and are usable sans-makeup brush. The cosmetics themselves are lightweight and luscious, making layering easy and comfortable. This ensemble allows the wearer to look glamorous without a bulky bag or tons of tiny tubes. When describing the Cream Color Bases and Casual Colors, Mia had this to say,

“They’re three-in-one. Use the bronzer to shape your eye and to [accent] your cheekbones. I put the highlighter on top of my upper lip. These [Casual Colors] can be your cheek, lip, and eye [color]. There is something about tying in your cheek with your eye that makes you look pulled together.”

For the full scoop, and more quotes from Moretti on the line, check out the article on PopSugar. Checkout the MAC website to see the full collection and get all the information. Sign up for the email/text newsletter to stay up to date on the latest lines and upcoming products. Visit Mia’s website for links and updates. Are you a festival fanatic? Would you wear this collection? What is your favorite cosmetic company? Tell us what you think in the comments down below. Rate, share, and subscribe for all the latest in luxury.


Cherry Red - Lipstick

Cherry Red Lipstick

PS I Like You - Casual Color

PS I Like You – Casual Color

Who DJ - Lip Palette x 6

Who DJ – Lip Palette x 6


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