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Audi Is At It Again

Introducing the exclusive 2015 TTS Competition Edition by Audi. This sporty luxury car is limited, they’re only producing 500 of them, making it an absolute treasure. Audi of America is one of the premier luxury automobile manufactures in the world, built on exceptional German engineering, and the TTS Competition Package is no exception.

The Competition comes in two striking colors, Imola Yellow or Nimbus Grey. This Complements the interior quite nicely, as the Baseball Optic leather seats are stitched in contrast and accented in Imola. The rear spoiler, which is fixed, and silvery, 5-spoked, 19 inch wheels make a poignant statement. The black calipers are a nice touch for the disc brakes, located on the front and rear.


The inside is just as polished as the outside, and even more impressive. Rather than use crude conventional shocks, the TTS is equipped with Audi Magnetic Ride. These shocks use a unique formula, characterized by its electromagnetic properties. The fluid’s viscosity is affected by an electromagnetic field in the suspension, allowing proper dampening forces to be applied. The TTS is also a fully-loaded four cylinder with turbocharged engine, with normal and sport modes for your driving pleasure.

While in Normal mode, you’ll fly by in a fuel-efficient dream machine. Great handling, superior automatic shifting, and an ultra-smooth ride are a few perks to enjoy while driving on this setting. Sometimes you need to kick it up a gear, that’s where Sport mode comes in. It’s a completely balanced and fully responsive ride. The car responds quickly and precisely to commands, from the steering and suspension to the gears and throttle. Not to mention the powerful Quattro all-wheel drive system, ready to conquer any type of terrain. It, matched with high-caliber tires, give the TTS Competition the traction needed to drive circles in snow (without spinning out!)


The drive performance isn’t the only thing luxurious about this car; every detail is simply sublime. The driver-oriented cockpit is easily navigable and of typical, premium Audi craftsmanship. The heated seats and automatic climate control will have you sitting comfortably no matter the weather outside. You can jam out to the BOSE brand sound system, with twelve speakers, including a center, tweeters, and sub-woofer. With the Bluetooth technology fully integrated into the car, you can stay connected where ever you go. Plus the rear seats fold down, leaving an expansive cargo hold you won’t find in any other performance vehicle. Kevin Harrison, of Top Speed, recently test drove one of these bad boys for a week, and was thrilled with the experience,


I love small performance cars. They are nimble, poised and close to perfect when carving corners.


Priced around $50,000, this 1-in-500 car is exquisite and enticing. If you’re not salivating already, read Kevin’s article. You can check out some awesome pictures, read about the week and get his assessment. Keep up on the latest in Audi news by visiting their site. For all the specifics and mechanical information on the TS, TTS, and TTS Competition, review the Audi Media Info Kit.





Photo Credits: TopSpeed.com, rssportscars.com, automobilemag.com

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