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We’re all excited, awaiting the imminent release of the Apple Watch. Apple’s latest product is a work of luxury and sophistication. Completely polished and posh, the watch will come with a variety of wrist bands and a few styles to match everyone’s needs. The most impressive of which is the Watch Edition style, featuring an 18-karat gold case (in yellow or rose), Sapphire crystal protected display, and a luxe collection of wristbands. More important than elegant style, though, is functionality, and that’s where the excitement really takes off.

Owners of the Tesla Model S electric car, and future ones too, will be able to control their vehicle from their Apple Watch! This luxury car has gained popularity due to its high performance engine, long range capabilities, and a neat price tag (around $80K for a fully loaded). Not to mention, it’s futuristic details, designed into nearly every working space on the car, like zero profile door handles and hidden charge port, revealed by bringing a charging connector close are awesome!


Tesla Model S


The app, created at ELEKS Labs, a Ukrainian software developer, reads out a few different bits of crucial information about the car to the owner, readily available on their wrist. Headlights and door locks are controllable from the Apple Watch, as well as viewing and setting the interior temperature. People will be able to see the range and battery life of their car at a glance, or show its specific location. In the words of Markiyan Matsekh, Product Manager at ELEKS,

The app perfectly lines up with the concept of smart watches, lets the user access critical information about the car and allows managing it quickly without wasting time on taking out and unlocking the phone.

Though this team has done a stellar job on such short notice, they mention the short-comings and foreseeable problems with the Apple Watch and current emulator-only accretion. Styling and other customization features aren’t up to par yet either, leaving developers with limited options. The watch is merely a toy without the phone to accompany it, at least until an updated version of WatchKit and the Apple Watch are released.


Regardless of the kinks and issues, that will surely be resolved in future versions, this app is beautiful. It is a sophisticated and brilliant piece of technology that will make you feel like James Bond. (If you already didn’t feel like him in your Tesla.)





To get more technical about the app, and read the full article check out ELEKS Labs. Hop on over to the Apple site if you want to drool over and choose which Apple Watch you’re going to get, or go over to Tesla to get the specs and deets for the Model S!


Tesla Model S: Sleek & High-Tech Interior



Tesla Model S: Glass Roof



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