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2015 Volante Will Vanquish Competition

Take a minute to drool over these photos of the new 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. The elite and ever-luxurious Vanquish Volante is sure to be one of the most stunning and sought after convertibles this year. Aston Martin has outdone themselves with the updates and improvements they’ve added to the design. The Volante now has a top speed of 200mph, beating out the 2014 model’s top speed of 197mph. Aston Martin will deliver all the details at the unveiling in Geneva within a few weeks.

The Vanquish Volante has some fierce engines, putting out whopping 568bhp with an AM29 6.0liter V12. You can go from a dead stop to 60mp in only 3.6 seconds with this wild ride. Controlling that powerful engine is an eight-speed Touchtronic III ZF automatic transmission. The eight gears, composed of four sets, and five shift elements make for optimal shifting and incredible acceleration. The gears shift in 130 milliseconds; now that’s fast.


This convertible is the king of all others. The roof, made of a lightweight, three-layer fabric folds in under 14 seconds. You can drop the roof at up to 30mph too, so no need to stop and get out to fight with an unruly top. The 100W Band & Olufsen BeoSound system is smart and exceptional. The system monitors whether the roof is up or down, and acclimates to the perfect sound balance. The Vanquish Volante has a 50% higher boot loading capacity than the DBS model.

Breakthrough engine technology; machined combustion chambers, enlarged throttle bodies and knock sensing ensure AM29, new for the 2015 Vanquish Volante delivers power throughout the rev range.” – Aston Martin

The cabin is completely customizable and 100% deluxe. Aston Martin took the exquisite details and materials from the Vanquish Coupe but made them more awesome and visible for this model. You’ll have your choice of finishes, including Ocellus Teal, Viridian Green, Yellow Tang, and Diavolo Red new for 2015. Pick the perfect leather color for you. Match the calipers or keep them hidden. Whatever you want to do, Aston Martin allows you to style the car down to every detail.

Head over to the Aston Martin site to customize your own Vanquish, or peruse the web page to check out the full line. You can get the technical specs here. If you didn’t get your fill of photos, you can look at more on carbuzz.com. Are you a convertible person, or do you prefer the hard top? Is Aston Martin your favorite convertible designer? Let us know what you think in the comments down below! If you like the article, please rate and share!







Photo Credits: carbuzz.com

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