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The luxury that is Coachella

The first weekend of Coachella has been quite the star-studded event. As predicted, there were several celebs did show up. The music, celebrities and the relaxed Coachella fashion are not the only things to keep an eye for during the festival. Did you know that Coachella has gone uber posh now?

According to latimes.com:

When the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival launched 15 years ago, creature comforts included any small slice of shade cast by the odd light pole, the occasional working toilet and maybe somewhere to sit other than the dusty desert floor.

Today, there are $799 VIP passes that give you cocktail bar privileges, even though you’d have to pay extra for privileged parking. Well-heeled foodies can splurge on a $1,024 gourmet dining package. Shell out more, and you can skip the traffic — round-trip transportation is available via private jet.

In the early 2000s, Coachella was known for drawing crowds with the music. But nowadays, with the high-end pool parties from large brands around the area, it seems that the music is merely the soundtrack to a luxury spring break weekend at Coachella.

$375 may be the cost for one weekend steerage-level ticket (which is $100 more than the entrance for Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo) but festival goers get access to other amenities by simply splashing out a few more greens at these stops:

  • $6,500 safari tent (complete with concierge service and air conditioning)
  • Sephora Collection Beauty studio for touch-ups
  • $225 four-course meals from celebrity chefs
  • all-inclusive Coachella experience (designer boutique, craft beer, garden and art installations)

Although festival tickets have bee sold out for months, members of Neiman Marcus’ preferred shopper program could still buy them for $1,500.  Also, brands such as Lexus, Marc Jacobs and Sonos have given out VIP invitations to parties.

Coachella is presented by Goldenvoice, which is now part of Anschutz Entertainment Group.

Check out some of the celeb sightings from the first weekend of Coachella.






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Final Thoughts

Who knew that Coachella has gotten so posh?

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