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Britney Spears talks luxury in her latest single and video

Britney Spears set the internet on fire upon the release of her newest video Work B**ch.

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The steamy, Ben Mor-directed clip (“Scream & Shout”) features Britney and a myriad of backup dancers, prancing their way through a number of different sets and scenes. One moment she’s in the desert, the next in front of a pool of shimmering water. It’s all hot bodies and extravagant cars, Spears flaunting a sexy bikini body while she wields a dominatrix-esque whip.

People are raving about the return of the “Real Britney” with her dance routines and toned bod. But the other aspect that viewers are looking into are the grand details of her music video. Here are some:

1. Cars

As her song goes “You wanna Bugatti | You wanna Maseratti |You wanna Lamborghini”, Britney Spears was followed by a white Lamborghini Aventador throughout the video.


Lamborghini Aventador (starts at $397,500)

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2. Gold Bras galore

Gold and sparkles spell glam for any girl. Ladies began the search when for these items when Britney Spears dons not one but two gold intimates in her latest video:

Marlies Dekkers gold cup bra

Marlies Dekker gold cup bra (starts at $200)

and Atelier Bordelle bra top


Lady Citron bodice bra (around $300)

 3. Beats By Dr. Dre Pill

What does Britney use as a gag when she channels her inner dominatrix? Well, the Pop Princess does not settle for the usual ball whatnot; she uses  Beats By Dr. Dre Pill wireless bluetooth speakers.


Beats By Dr. Dre Pill wireless bluetooth speakers (starts at $200)

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4. Shoes

With all her dancing, it is impossible not to check out Britney’s shoes. And a girl’s got to have nice shoes. Britney was wearing a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutins at the start of the clip and she wears other brands like Giuseppe Zanotti and John Paul Gaultier throughout her video.


sparkly Louboutins (start at $ 3,395)

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5. Outrageous Sets

While her song says “Live in a big a mansion | Party in France” but she shows neither. Instead, Britney Spears goes all out with a shark tank and dancing in the desert. Her sets tickle the fancy for exclusivity and travel.

dancing in a shark pool

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there goes the Lamborghini again

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The whole production cost is said to be $6,500,000 and the video is well on its way to being most popular on YouTube too. What can you say, does her video and new song match your taste in luxury?

Final Thoughts

Britney Spears sang about brands and luxury lifestyle in her new single. And now her video features glitz and glamor. Does Britney's new video want you work for more luxury?

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