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Off-Roading in Opulence

   Are you looking for a luxury dream machine? A vehicle that’s as smooth-riding on the road as it is off? One that’s completely customizable for maximum comfort and total satisfaction? Look no further than the The Range Rover. According to Al Haas, of The Inquirer, this SUV is

“the most richly appointed luxury vehicle.”


Range Rover Autobiography Model

Range Rover Autobiography Model


    Each Range Rover comes standard with some of the most advanced technology on the market, like split power lift-gates, but there are plenty of varieties to choose from. Some may find the “Base Model” to be simplistically elegant, while others may opt for the “Autobiography Model”, with added features and luxurious leather interior.

   There are also enough packages to totally customize each detail and extra to fit your needs. The HSE package, an extravagant addition only available to Land Rover customers, includes such gems as massaging, fully leather, front seats, power reclining rear seats, electronic parking help, and a food or beverage cooler.

   All that luxury doesn’t have to stick to the beaten path either! These bad boys were designed to be taken off road, and ridden hard. They can handle mud and snow like nobody’s business, thanks to special programming in the CPU to adjust transmission, engine, and suspension settings. Gravel and ruts will feel like tiny bumps on the road ahead, and the air suspension can accommodate bigger rocks with adjustable clearance.


Sleek & Stylish

   Whether you want to take on three feet of water over a rocky brook, or just cruise on the highway, the most luxurious and sophisticated means is the Range Rover by far. To get all the details and specs, check out Haas’ full article, or take a look at the Land Rover line.

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