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Locals maybe missing the Luxury but Travelers aren’t

Don’t ask the locals, they may not know it. They will probably show you the famous landmark. Savvy travellers may not know it too, but it really does exist. It’s a new boutique hotel in London, and it’s making its name in the sphere of luxurious service and pampering.  Meet the small, yet luxurious The Arch London Hotel.

According to craveonline.com:

The Arch Staring straight ahead at Marble Arch, one of London’s most famous landmarks, sits a small, luxury hotel which many of the most savvy travelers have never heard of along their way.

Madonna’s keeps a flat just across the road, and hotel staff at The Arch are as discreet as their famous neighbor.


The hotel is part of the historical Georgian buildings which was renovated to set way for the birth of The Arch, but the renovation didn’t messed up with the Georgian townhouse’s original features like the fireplace in the library and the sash windows that gives historical atmosphere within the place.


Aspiring artists just be cautious from being mesmerized as the public areas are decorated with artworks of British artists who are starting to make a name on their industry.


How could one forget to describe the rooms and suites of 5 star hotels? “Simply perfect” was the comment by an anonymous customer. Spacious rooms and suites are stuffed with queen- sized (or even bigger) beds, fine ornaments, and modern appliances like flat screen TVs, and some have mini- bars where one can let out emotional outbursts.


Photo credit: hotels.com


Photo credit: hotels.com



Photo credit: hotels.com

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