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1965 Boeing 727 converted to a luxury hotel suite

It is not uncommon to find luxury antiques getting restored, luxury items getting a second lease on life at auctions and homes being flipped to create grandeur. But a jumbo jet being turned into a luxury hotel suite? Now that’s new.

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The £300-a-night plane hotel suite is perched on a purpose built ledge within the Costa Rican rainforest and offers flight fans the chance to play captain for their stay. For a staggering £2,100 a week guests can enjoy the novelty of sleeping in the converted 1965 Boeing 727, which once carried passengers around the world with Colombian Avianca Airlines.

The suite can be found in Costa Verde Resort, The suite is part of the Costa Verde resort, which is located on the edge of the Manuel Antonia National Park, Costa Rica. Reports says that the plane hotel suite charges as much as The Ritz, London. The inclusions of the luxury plane hotel suite? Take a look:

  • two-bedrooms
  • two-bathrooms
  • a kitchenette
  • flat-screen tvs
  • dining room
  • terrace with a sea view
  • observation deck (on top of the plane’s wing)

Now who would want to try this bespoke suite? Well, the reservations are probably filling up quickly. Luxury is all about exclusivity and unique experiences, after all.

Photo credits: Caters News Agency
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