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Rebecca Minkoff On Oak Street

The new era of luxury shopping is here. Innovative technology meets chic and glamor in perfect harmony. Rebecca Minkoff, known for her voguish and swanky designs of apparel, handbags, footwear, and other accessories, is opening another sophisticated shop in Chicago. Later this year Minkoff’s designs will be available at 106 E. Oak St, formerly the home of Furla, a luxury Italian handbag boutique.

Though there isn’t a set date for the Chicago grand opening, you can look forward to her line at the LA location, opening this spring. Like her other stores in San Fransisco and New York, both shops will feature the cutting-edge technology, administered by eBay, the retail world is raving about. You’ll also be able to enjoy her entire collection at the Chicago location, as the 1,310-square-foot floor plan is massive.


Minkoff Boutique in New york



Just the dressing rooms alone are ingenious! Sensors in the room identify the items a shopper has chosen to try on. The mirror, not only shows your stunning reflection, but is a touch screen. From there you can see the product details of each item, ask an associate for another color or size, or even search for other store items that perfect your ensemble. While you’re in there, feel free to adjust the lighting- you’ll be confident in your choice after seeing it in all lights.

The technological experience really starts as soon as you walk through the door. You’re welcomed by an enormous mirror, another touch screen, that shows you fashion stylings and concepts, allows you to peruse through the products and send items you like to one of those avant-garde dressing rooms. You can even order up some refreshments to be served by an employee.

On Oak, Minkoff’s boutique will be nestled nicely among shops such as Prada, Maje, Lanvin, and Sandro. Managing director of the Oak Street Council, Liz Kores, told the Chicago Tribune how much of an asset the addition of Minkoff’s store will be to Oak Street. The advocate of the upscale avenue is quoted,

“Oak Street used to be just the domain of the more upscale shopper. Now there’s that hip vibe, too, which is awesome.”

Minkoff combines high-end fashion and trendsetting technology for a luxurious and modern shopping experience. We can’t wait for the new stores to open! To stay in the loop on all the current ongoings for Minkoff and her line visit the blog. You can always shop online for her products on her website, ShopBop, or from one of the many retailers who carry her line. For the full story from the Chicago Tribune, read the article by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz.


Rebecca Minkoff Interfacing with Touchscreen




Uri Minkoff, Brother and CEO of Minkoff




Uri Minkoff examining fitting rooms



Full-Tech Fitting Room


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