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Luxurious BMW X7 SUV to clamor market

With Lamborghini and Bentley dominating over the realm of luxurious SUV market, the German automaker BMW will shed a piece too to bombard the  industry of SUVs. Rumor has it that BMW is on the verge of creating a full- sized SUV named BMW X7 that can run its wheels over their previous X5 and X6 models when it comes to luxury and noticeable features.

According to motorauthority.com:

Prior to the global financial crisis of 2008, BMW was working on a full-size SUV to sit above its X5 and X6 models and compete against the likes of the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and Land Rover Range Rover. The crisis caused BMW to rethink the strategy, with the German automaker choosing to focus on smaller SUVs and crossovers instead of the so-called X7.

German business publication Handelsblatt informed the masses that a mooted creation of SUV for decades is being considered again albeit the production is yet to approve. BMW still plans to gamble big investment in Spartanburg, South Carolina by building a plant where the X7 will be built before setting a debut in the next generation of 7- series.

Being in line in the category of luxury, the car can accommodate an average- sized family with its three- row seating capacity. Of course, expect a a luxury feeling as its comfy seats massages your butt.  The  BMW X7 SUV will be  a high- end luxury car after all.

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