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How about an experience of luxury within the comforts of Mother Nature?

Do you know where the intersection of your love to luxurious living and care for Mother Nature? It’s in the tropical country of Ecuador, actually, and, don’t get surprised, it’s in the middle of a forest where everything’s wild and seems to be untouched yet. Yes, a hotel was built at the habitat of wild animals and is ready to take you into a different kind of luxury you might be “googling” for so long.

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An eco-hotel in the middle of the Ecuadorian rainforest not only offers visitors a chance to escape city life, it’s also a centre for wildlife research. The Mashpi Lodge nestles amid stunning scenery, while a resident biologist monitors the hundreds of different species of animals, birds and insects that live in the area.

The hotel named Mashpi Lodge Hotel sits in the a 1,200- private- reserved land in a loud forest which was said to be a part of Andean rainforest called Chocó. In this hotel, you’ll get to feel like camping in the Amazon forest without getting rough as you gaze the thick vegetation  from your wide, glass- walled room. Aside from a promise of wildlife experience, Mashpi has also a lot to offer just a like any other typical luxury hotel. Soothing, bubbling water in the Jacuzzi is a constant freebie while you have to spend a little penny to get a taste for their magical local dishes with ingredients also got from the place.

With this hotel, nothing beats the peaceful feeling being with nature again when you hear real tweets of birds around you (supposing you’re not “posting tweets”) or when the mist covers the wilderness and give you the chills to the bone.





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