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Four Seasons Milan brings together luxury fashion and dessert

September is a big month for Four Seasons Milan. The luxury hotel is celebrating its 20th year of existence and it has re-open the legendary “Chocolate Room”.

The Four Seasons Milan Chocolate Room is only opened once every year and its theme changes every time. This year, the concept is upscale fashion, inspired by the luxury boutiques that line Milan’s fashion district.

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Using 120 kilograms (265 pounds) of dark, milk and white French chocolate, Johannes worked on the room for more than 100 hours — often to the whirr of fans to ensure his unique chocolate creations wouldn’t melt.

Pastry Chef Johannes Walk who is the brain behind the “Chic”olate Room says “I looked at many fashion images but most of my inspiration came from walking around Milan’s fashion area, on streets such as Via Montenapoleone close by the Hotel, and peering into the beautiful, meticulously curated windows of the luxury fashion boutiques”.

So what’s inside the Four Season’s “Chic”olate Room?

  • A life-sized chocolate mannequin clothed in a dress made of ribbons and discs of white, dark and milk chocolate
  • Fifteen two-metre (6.5 foot) high panels decorated and painted with chocolate depicting fashion sketch-style on-trend silhouettes, mixed with animal prints and camouflage patterns.
  • Plinths with chocolate bags and stilettos
  • Chocolate busts are decorated with elaborate necklaces and hand-painted hats.

And the room is not just about eye candy creations what Willy Wonka himself would be proud of. On Sundays, the opulent  “Chic”olate Room is brimming with about 15 chocolate themed desserts, such as chocolate panna cotta and chocolate Sacher cake, where dessert is served to diners of the Hotel’s famed Brunch. The  “Chic”olate Room at Four Seasons Hotel Milano can be rented for exclusive dinners and events.



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