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Luxurious Cruise Ship Celebrity Solstice Enters Newcastle

The sound is alarming the citizens. For the first time in forever, it is coming. People are gathering along the river. Some are cheering; others are astounded; they are amazed. One of the best cruise ships, a huge, dark silhouette is fluidly cruising the waters of the harbour as it accepts the greeting of the people.

According to dailyliberal.com.au:

Newcastle residents woke on Sunday to the sound of the largest ship ever to enter the harbour blasting a greeting as it passed Nobbys for the first time.

The 317-metre luxury cruise ship Celebrity Solstice made a whirlwind visit to the city, arriving from Brisbane about 7am before departing for Sydney at 6pm.

The Celebrity Solstice is one of the Celebrity Class ships launched over the past few years for Celebrity Cruise lines. Aside from watching the blue sky and water, Celebrity Solstice has lots of entertainment to offer:

  • The Sky Observation Lounge is where you can gaze at the horizon, but at night, it is turned into a live, disco bar where cruise goers can party all night.
  • The Lawn Club, on the other hand, is green grassland floating on the water where everyone can feel like walking around a park with a twist of having the sea around.
  • The AquaSpa by Elemis is yet another stop when riding the Celebrity Solstice. It is true escape and revitalization, a visit leaves you feeling fresh as ever thanks to their exotic herbal massages and other services.
  • The Glass Show lets you watch and learn glassblowing from professional glassblowers.
  • The Cellar Masters offers a wide array of wine: unknown, famous, or common.

These are just some of the spectacular features of the Celebrity Solstice. They all sound great and there seems to be something for everyone. But as they say, to see it is to believe it. Care for a cruise then?


Photo credit: copcruise2013.weebly.com


Photo credit: copcruise2013.weebly.com


Photo credit: farm4.staticflickr.com

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