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Blue Project designs luxury £500,000 treehouse

With cost of living skyrocketing nowadays, it’s better to have a house instead than renting a pocket- cancerous flats or apartments, but even buying a piece of land for a house construction will end your credit- card holed big before you even start hiring an architect or an engineer. To address this anxiety- causing  problem, Blue Project had made a superb design of a tree house that will not just give a wild- type of luxury but will end you up loving the nature.


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But a luxury design company has created the ultimate adult hideaway that is a far cry from the basic nook among the branches.The Quiet Treehouse is a free-standing wooden cocoon that looks like a tree — and has every mod con a big kid could wish for. With a price-tag of about half a million pounds, it costs more than a sizable family home.

Blue Project is an award winning tree house designer and constructor known for their luxurious, unparalleled tree houses. One of the recent project is the is The Quiet House. The term “quiet” is not just a name for the new launch, but it literally provide quietness and serenity to the person inside the building with next generation sound engineering. This eco- friendly building can be installed anywhere, in urban setting or in a forest yard, wherever you feel living in.

Besides promise of luxury, a feeling of being in top of the tree is in there. This was made sure by the designers Quiet Mark and John Lewis using a bold contemporary design in the interior. Want to have one. Better prepare a half a million pound, a dangling £500, 000.







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