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Keira Knightley and Rihanna do shopping at Karl Lagerfeld’s luxury Chanel supermarket

Have you ever watched a fashion show inside a supermarket? Keira Knightly and Rihanna had when they did shopping at the luxurious Chanel supermarket. The two were one of visitors and were the front row takers during the showcasing of Chanel’s women’s wear collection show during Paris Fashion Week 2014 featuring an autumn- winter show.


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The attention to detail was astounding. An entire supermarket had been reconstructed across several hundred square metres of Paris’ Grand Palais. Guests stared in disbelief at shelves bursting with consumable products specially made for this show: bottles of Tweed cola, wine-branded Maison Gabrielle and even grilled bread stamped CC.

This is one another surprise as the fashion showman made the audience as if stupefied by his creative ideas. The main stream Paris fashion show with colourful lights was transformed into an ordinary- looking, supermarket- style catwalk with, of course to convince everybody, canned good, and other real consumable products set in tracks as if the store is there for real. What’s more amazing is that all the models didn’t wear high heels, but oversized sunglasses, and bright coloured dresses—a true getup when going to a supermarket.

So what was the reason of Mr. Lagerfeld  for thinking out of the box and coming up with a different theme? He said, “I wanted to show the ease of the clothes, the way they walk in those shoes, the modern approach even to luxury.… Luxury should not be something like this, confined to a limited thing, that if you are lucky enough that you can buy those things, buy them, but don’t wear them to show people how rich you are.”


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