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Titanium Bumper: The New Craze for Luxurious iPhone Cases

Gone are days of shining yellow cases made of 18- carat gold for your iPad. Rather then hurting you eyes with light- reflecting colors such as gold, why not try something new like better cases that are not just for show off  but will really protect iPhone from being scratched or shook by great impact? The trend?  Titanium Bumper, a collection of iPhone accessories equally (maybe more) luxurious than golds.

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Luxury mobile phone company Gresso has launched the Titanium Bumper, a collection of protective cases for iPhone 5 with prices ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Made of solid grade 5 titanium, the handcrafted case is resistant to bending and compression. Each piece is manually polished for four hours to receive the desired metal texture.

What’s your things? Crocodile leather or subtly designed case with real diamond pieces or combination. Whatever you want, Gresso has it for you. The Titanium Bumper, with a single move, opens and locks using a magnetic locking system developed by the company. This is to protect the phone from any mechanical damages.

So you’ll get something to brag on, you can have an additional 18-carat gold Gresso logo in back of your case to together with a crocodile leather. Grade 5 Titanium is a topic not to forget as it offers superior sleek style and protection.

Gresso told that this launching of new high- grade, luxury accessories is to meet the growing demand of the public for phone customization.


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The million dollar iPhone is made of pure gold and studded with 100 carats of shiny diamonds

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