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Kelly Brook’s got the best cleavage

Every Hollywood beauty has own unique feature to brag about. Angelina Jolie has her pouty lips while Elizabeth Taylor has her rare violet eyes. How about for the best cleavage? Surely, there is. Meet Kelly Brook for winning the best cleavage.

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With her body racking up even more media coverage than her romances with various super-buff men, it is little surprise that Kelly Brook has topped the ‘best celebrity cleavage’ poll.
Kelly’s breasts are those most admired by British women, garnering 35 percent of votes, followed by soap star beauty Michelle Keegan (25 per cent) and Katy Perry (20 per cent).

It was fascinating that there was even a survey to find out the British woman celebrity who has the best cleavage. Lead by Ann Summers, the survey concluded that majority (69 percent) are pleased with British women’s cup sizes. There were also pet names for breasts for added fun, and the most voted names are ‘Pinky and Perky’, ‘The Twins’, ‘Owl and Pussy Cat’, ‘Smidge and Smudge’ and ‘Puppies’ while the pet names with least votes (in facts votes as the worst ways to call breast) are ‘jugs’, ‘bangers’, ‘knockers’ and ‘fun bags.’

Other than having the best cleavage, the 34-year old English model/actress is also known to have a net worth of about $10 Million which is expected to increase as she is said to star in a new television series. Kelly Brook is no stranger to the glitz and glamor that her beauty brings. She has been the cover of so many magazines, become an endorsers for Sky+, T Mobile, Reebok, and more, and not to mention been showered with lavish gifts such as the ‘Cartier Love’ diamond bracelet from her ex Danny Cipriani last December.

Kelly Brook - ''Vous N'avez Encore Rien Vu'' Premiere, May 2108

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