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Four Seasons Maui offers luxury with a heart

Four Seasons Maui in Wailea is commited to delivering the same standard of luxury service and accommodations that the Four Seasons is known for worldwide. All this while still helping with the conservation efforts of the island.

Their latest lavish offering? Limousine transfer service from the Kahului Airport in one of the property’s luxury Tesla S 85 sedans. Aside from transfer services, the electronic vehicles are also available for Garden Isle tours.

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“From the moment guests step off the plane, they can begin embracing Maui’s lush tropical setting, bedecked with dazzling flowers and fauna, without leaving a carbon footprint,” Mark Simon, marketing director for the Four Seasons Maui, said in a statement.

“All-electric vehicles are fast becoming the future of automobile travel, and we’re pleased to offer this option to our guests who, like us, prize supporting a sustainable environment.”

Aside from the new Tesla vehicles that guests can avail of, Four Seasons Maui has also commissioned their staff to plant trees on the island of Kahoolawe, which has been destroyed during the World War II. 2000 trees have been planted so far and the goal is to plant more.

Four Seasons Maui is the first and only Five Star resort in the area. The oceanfront property has 380 rooms and has been known to have top-rating spas and acclaimed restaurants.



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