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Caribbean’s 5 Best Luxury Resorts

"Prob'ly getting gorgeously tanned in summer..." This is what Olaf sings when he wishes to have a summer a vacation. But he's a snowman and after the cold weather, you are probably the one singing this song now. Serene, ocean blue sea, powdery white sands, and overwhelming luxury are what might have been best for [...]

Top 10 hotels that are great for families

With the holidays just around the corner, many people are planning family vacations. If you have children and would love to travel with them during the holiday season, it would be nice to have a reference of places to stay where your children can have as much fun as you. The Athenaeum Location: 116 Piccadilly, […]

Rosewood is the newest luxury hotel in London

There is never a shortage of luxury in London. And the most luxurious hotels in the city may have a new competition in the Rosewood Hotel, which just opened this October 15. According to It’s more than two decades since Rosewood opened a hotel in London. The distinguished, once all-American brand, operators of the fabled Carlyle in […]

Experience Nicaragua’s first luxury resort, Mukul

If you are looking for an luxury escape that caters to every possible leisure activity you can think of, Nicaragua’s first luxury resort might be your best bet. Mukul Resort offers access to wonderful views, golfing and other sports, wonderful cuisine and tours of Nicaragua. According to One of Nicaragua’s leading businessmen, Don Carlos […]