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Soviet Airship Hangar Turned Tropical Paradise

Don’t be fooled by the name of Tropical Islands resort. Though this beachy, sun-kissed resort has all the wonders of paradise at hand, it isn’t anywhere near the tropics. This theme park, that boasts clear blue water, palm trees, and flamingos, is located on a former Soviet military air base in Krausnick, Germany.

Inside you’ll see bikini clad guests and folks on holiday trotting around in flip flops. Flamingos roam freely and their free-flying friends, beautiful canaries, as well. The German area is home to a large hangar, left over from the Soviets. It was originally home to long-distance hauling cargo airships, but now houses an exotic resort!

Tropical Islands provides guest with a beach and a blissful lagoon, as well as an adventure park and an awesome water slide. It isn’t just fun and game here, as Tropical Islands offers guests luxurious amenities and accommodations.

The resort has a wide range of gourmet restaurants for guests to enjoy. The sauna provides a relaxing and tranquil experience at the hands of skilled massage therapist professionals. Guests have to option of staying in luxe little cottages, or sleeping with the stars in beach tents.

The most impressive part of Tropical Islands are the themed areas. Stop by the Tropical Village and enjoy the traditional architecture of Bali, Borneo, Samoa, and Thailand. Sneak away, and get lost in the lush Rainforest. It contains over 50,000 plants, of 600 species, including some extremely rate flora. The Bali Lagoon is a tropical paradise all on its own, featuring fountains, whirlpools, water slides, and a current canal, all kept at a balmy 90°F. The Tropical Sea was designed to mimic the coral shores of the island. Guests can enjoy the warm water (82°F) or lounge on one of the 850 sun-loungers on the 200 meter beach.

During its opening year, in 2004, Tropical Islands accommodated 975,000 visitors. Not bad for what is considered to be the biggest free-standing hall world wide. Tropical Islands can only entertain as many as 6,000 people a day. It’s a popular paradise year round, so book your cottage today!

Visit the Tropical Islands site for more info on the resort and booking. For more info on the story, head over to Huffington Post. Would you want to check out paradise in an old Soviet airship hangar? Have you ever stayed at Tropical Islands? Let us know in the comments down below! Remember to rate, share, and subscribe to keep yourself up to date on the latest in luxury.







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