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Off-Roading in Opulence

   Are you looking for a luxury dream machine? A vehicle that’s as smooth-riding on the road as it is off? One that’s completely customizable for maximum comfort and total satisfaction? Look no further than the The Range Rover. According to Al Haas, of The Inquirer, this SUV is “the most richly appointed luxury vehicle.” […]
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Rendezvous: Jaguar’s first ever Super Bowl commercial stars Brit villains and F-Type coupe

The Super Bowl fever is taking over the world right now and aside from the sport itself, the most talked about aspects are the upcoming halftime show performances and the commercials. This year, the luxury car company Jaguar came up with a much-talked-about ad featuring British villains and their F-Type coupe. According to hollywoodlife.com: Ever noticed […]
David Brown Automotive is a newcomer in the luxury car industry but it promises to deliver a new luxury British Sports car within the year. According to carsuk.net: The name David Brown Automotive conjures up images of the man whose initials still give us the Aston Martin DB9 – former tractor builder David Brown who bought […]
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