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The Future of Luxury

We’re all excited, awaiting the imminent release of the Apple Watch. Apple’s latest product is a work of luxury and sophistication. Completely polished and posh, the watch will come with a variety of wrist bands and a few styles to match everyone’s needs. The most impressive of which is the Watch Edition style, featuring an […]
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The Mac Pro is finally here, see what’s included in its hefty price tag

The world has been swept away by mobile devices and convenient connectivity so much that desktop computers seem like things of the past. Well, Apples just brought the interest back to the desktop thanks to the release of the Mac Pro. According to edition.cnn.com: Apple’s Mac Pro, the high-end show horse of the company’s desktop line, […]
For Apple aficionados, the yearly release of iPhones is a much anticipated event. Some even compare the excitement to Christmas, except this year’s present is not one Apple innovation but two iPhones. According to www.macworld.com: Apple on Tuesday unveiled two new iPhones: the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5C. “iPhone 5 was instantly the most-loved iPhone ever, and […]
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