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Staying in the outdoors just got more luxurious with Casa Bubble

If the outdoors is something you really want to experience but you are not a fan of weather changes, bugs and small animals, then the fancy Casa Bubble might be the right thing for you. Casa Bubble promises to let you have the feeling of sleeping in a hotel while you are enjoying the outdoors.

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Put one of these beautiful works of architectural art in your garden and you can feel like you’re outdoors all year long, without being bothered by any offensive weather.

The Bubbles retail at £4,000- £9,300 (see full details at, with rental fees from £900 per night for the basic bubble, up to £2,000 for the ‘grand lodge’, plus shipping from France.

The bubble-shaped inflatable pod can be used anywhere, in the garden as an extra room, near the beach and even in the woods. Designers Pierre-Stephane and Frederic Richard came up with an impeccable product inspired by a childhood dream to sleep under the stars. The Casa Bubble has with the following basic specifications:

  • 13 feet diameter sphere made of special reinforced plastic stuff with anti-UV treatment and M2 fire rating.
  • made using 100% recyclable material, suitable for various geographical weather and temperature
  • A double-door airlock entrance with retractable metal framework
  • 10- or 11-piece plywood floor
  • A self-adapting air blower with screen, two particle filters supplied
  • An electric step up converter is included when the turbine are in 230 volts
  • A tarpaulin
  • A carry bag

Casa Bubble offers various kinds of bubbles:

  • CrystalBubble is fully transparent
  • BubbleRoom is half opaque
  • BubbleDrop almost fully opaque but with a circular clear window in the roof
  • BubbleLodge and GrandLodge can be furnished with full bathrooms and a spa






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