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Luxury Train Tours are a Regal Treat

Rocky Mountaineer 13It’s time to ride the rails of luxury with Rocky Mountaineer, a Canadian tour company offering four exceptional routes through the Canadian Rockies and beautiful areas of British Columbia and Alberta. Since 1990, they have offered a phenomenal travel experience. The service provided is unrivaled. It’s not hard to see why over 100,000 people choose Rocky Mountaineer each year. Though most choose this line as part of a package or the option for one-way tickets for the independent traveler exists.

When booking an excursion with Rocky Mountaineer you can choose from three different levels of service, each more luxurious and advantageous than the last: RedLeaf, SilverLeaf, or GoldLeaf Service. Even the most basic package, the Red Leaf Service package, is indulgent, including accommodation in favored hotels for overnight trips, and the enormous picture windows, a signature of Rocky Mountaineer. SilverLeaf, the next track up, features a glass domed coach as well as the oversized windows. For those really wanting to travel in luxury, the GoldLeaf Service option is the only one.

The GoldLeaf coach is tailor-made and a Rocky Mountaineer exclusive. Spectacular views of the vistas and gorgeous scenery of the Rockies will take your breath away upstairs, while downstairs gourmet meals are prepared by champion culinary artists and served by attentive hosts. The glass-dome roof and full-length windows are a one-of-a-kind feature, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the astonishing Canadian scenery with panoramic views. Groups of up to four can enjoy the views from the rotating and reclining seats on the dome-level. When going to the dome, take the elegant spiral staircase to the top, or ride in the ADA elevator.toast_507x352

Downstairs is just as exquisite as the dome-level. You’ll never go hungry aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, besides complimentary gourmet snacks and beverages, each trip includes a freshly prepared breakfast and lunch. The fully galley kitchen is staffed with award-winning chefs, who have created a luscious menu comprised of the best dishes Western Canada has to offer. They use only the freshest and finest ingredients from local sources. Meals are served in the polished dining room, equipped with 36 seats. Each table accommodates four and has its own picture window. The temperature-controlled environment keeps the train comfortable.

Other perks of the GoldLeaf service include access to a covered vacuity for fresh air and great photo opportunities, and transportation to and from the train. For those venturing out longer than a day trip, and are partaking in the GoldLeaf experience, will be put up in a fine hotel in Kamloops or Quesnel, with your luggage delivered. Really spoil yourself and opt for the GoldLeaf Deluxe service, offering upgraded hotel accommodations all long the way. Some of the incredible destinations include Kamloops, Jasper, Halifax, and, of course, all through the Canadian Rockies.

There are plenty of packages and routes to choose from. Check out the Rocky Mountaineer website for information on booking, routes, and service options. Seat61 has all the facts about this train; check out this man’s guide to the Rocky Mountaineer, including information on prices, dates, and even where to sit for the best view! What is your favorite way to travel? Have you taken a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer? Share your stories down below in the comments!





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