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Luxurious Flight Experience With Singapore Airlines

Sometimes, flying to places can either make or break your day. Consistently crying babies, coughing seatmates or snoring co-passengers are just some of the reasons why most people get out of the airplane irritated. Are you one of them? Are you wishing that somehow a magical flight will save you from those horrible trips? Maybe you just haven’t heard about Singapore Airlines (SIA).

Singapore Airlines has very consistent high customer ratings because of the services they offer. SIA have spacious seats and wide video screens.

According to The Vancouver Sun, SIA offers the best flight services.

SIA gets consistently high customer ratings because of its service: SIA invests more than other airlines in training its employees to become the iconic Singapore Girl, and Singapore Boy.

The Vancouver Sun

Flights attendants are trained for 17 weeks. After 18 months on the job they are taught to work in business class. In a replicated business class cabin a group of female flight attendants in their well-known two-piece batik uniform, a sarong kebaya, are trained how to serve dinner with the proper silverware and glassware while in first class, Givenchy-ware.

If you’re in first class or suite class, Don Pérignon and Krug are the available champagnes. It’s not a joke when you find yourself tasting Dom versus Krug upon request.

On the other hand, female uniforms are separately tailored and the “girls” have at least four fittings. They are measured by body mass index, or BMI. Also everyone signs a five-year contract that’s why you won’t be seeing older-looking flight attendants.

Like Singapore itself, there are regulations to be considered. They inspect from hair length and type to nail polish. There are no curls allowed except the eyelashes. Employees are well-groom even after a 16 hour flight. These are some of the major factors that makes SIA a five-star airline.

photot credit: Singapore Airlines

photot credit: Singapore Airlines




Final Thoughts

Getting the best services from a flight is a factor every passenger must look for. Something SIA never neglects to their customers. Never hesitate to inspect your airlines.

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