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Is the AWWA Sky Whale the future of air travel?

Through the years, the aviation industry has been coming up with innovations to add more luxury into air travel. From the adding luxury seating to more upscale amenities for private jets, there is always something new that comes out–each one grander than the last. But is a “Whale Plane” taking it too far?

According to news.com.au:

A bizarre new design has been unveiled for a passenger plane shaped like the majestic mammal.

Created by Spanish designer Oscar Vinals, the AWWA Sky Whale would be bigger than the Airbus A380 jumbo jet, and would be more technologically advanced.

Vinals proudly said that ‘double-decker planes are so yesterday’. The AWWA Sky Whale is said to have a round belly that can fit three levels, 755 passengers—economy at the bottom, business at the middle and first class at the top. Check out the other details about the grand plane:

  • features engines that could tilt up to 45 degrees
  • passenger section that could separate in case of crash to lessen casualities
  • “self-healing” skin
  • virtual reality screens for passengers who are not at the window seat
  • wings of 88m (8m longer than that of the A380.)
  • overall length of 77m
  • hybrid turbo-electric propulsion system

So is the Sky Whale concept cool enough?




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