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Move over aluminum case, here comes iPhone 5s in 24kt gold.

It has just been days since the iPhone 5s release and a much luxurious version of it has already made public appearance. How does it get more luxurious you ask?

Well, if the iPhone 5s fingerprint technology and gold/silver/space grey case is not yet enough to make you feel opulent, the 24 kt gold iPhone might just do the trick. All you need is £3,000 ($4814) for a basic model  to be among the elite owners (such as royal families and minted customers across Russia, China and the Middle East) of such an exclusive gadget.

Gold & Co., the company that supplies gold iPads for Burj Al Arab is the same maker of the first iPhone 5s in 24 kt gold. Amjad Ali is the 42-year-old entrepreneur behind Gold & Co.

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“We strip the units down and then plate them in copper, nickel and then pure gold,” he told The Independent. “We have limited units per region and each is numbered and placed in a handmade wooden box with a certificate of authenticity and wax seal.”

Additional embellishments such as diamonds can be crafted onto the phone as well and this is what the Saudi royal family has requested. The price tag for such custom work is £50,000 ($80,240).

The typical order of 50 devices a month rose to 300 when the iPhone 5 was released last year. Gold & Co. is expecting much greater orders with the iPhone 5s now available in the market. Aside from 24kt gold & rose gold, platinum is the newest variant offered by Gold & Co.


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