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Cartier’s limited edition Floral Marquetry Parrot watch is a combination of luxury, art and innovation

Each year, watch collectors and luxury enthusiasts look forward to the custom timepieces that Cartier releases. Cartier comes up with watches that are under the categories of luxury and ultra-luxury. The 2014 ultra-luxury Cartier piece is not just clad in diamonds but also bears innovation in terms of technique and the art.

According to forbes.com:

The highlight of Cartier’s most artistic of high-end luxury watches for 2014 will be a limited edition piece with a parrot avian made out of flower petals. This in fact seems to be the very first time flower petals have been used in a marquetry-style manner on the dial of a luxury watch.

Word has it that the flowers used in this new technique by Cartier are organically grown to achieve the color. The marquetry entails careful cutting of the small petals and adding the layers one at a time to make the feathers on the life-like parrot.

Other than the floral parts, the other details of the  Ballon Bleu de Cartier Floral-Marquetry Parrot watch include:

  • onyx used for the beak
  • emerald used for the parrot’s eye
  • parrot’s head set against a face of diamonds in a feather pattern
  • double row of diamonds lining the bezel
  • hand-paingted black and white details on the parrot eye
  • 42mm wide 18k white gold case with 124 diamonds on it
  • Swiss automatic mechanical movement

The Ballon Bleu de Cartier Floral-Marquetry Parrot watch is geared towards the most high-end clients. And with just 20 pieces set to be produced in 2014, this limited edition watch will not be on display at Cartier boutiques. The rare timepiece may be purchased upon request or viewed by special appointment.





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