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Apple Watch Edition is an Experience

The elegant and chic Apple Watch Edition, released earlier this year, in March, is still the premier and most luxurious smart watch on the market. This sleek, gold-cased device starts out at $10,000 with other versions ranging all the way up to $17,000. Those shopping for the prestigious Apple Watch Edition will receive more than just a fancy timepiece.

Apple Watch Edition buyers are purchasing an experience – one with no lines and top-notch service. 9To5Mac reports about this experience,

When a customer interested in the Apple Watch Edition enters the store, he or she will be given no-wait access to a dedicated Expert, who will provide a personalized ‘journey’ from the beginning of the appointment until the end, as much as one hour later.”

The elite few who seek the Apple Watch Edition are whisked away from the prying eyes of others to a private and personal station. When in the private station, only two models are brought out at a time. The customer can try them on and ask any questions, all while avoiding those pesky and annoying lines.

After selecting one (or more) of the six styles, and purchasing, Apple Watch Edition owners will receive access to an exclusive 24/7 support line. This support line service is only for the Apple Watch Edition. Customers will have access to this service for 2 years. At the moment this is an English only service, but that’s sure to change later on.

For more on the Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition, check out our last post about the luxury device. Visit the Apple website for ordering and store information. From there you can also check out all the cool tech they have to offer. Slate covers this story here. Do you have an Apple Watch? What about the Edition? Do you want one? Tell us what you think in the comments section down below! Rate, share, and subscribe for all the latest in luxury.





Apple Watch at Colette store, Paris, France - 30 Sep 2014


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