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The world’s priciest necklace, yours for $55Million at the Singapore JewelFest

If you have £37 Million of $ 55 Million and investing in precious jewelry is your fancy, L’Incomparable is just the right thing for you. It has an interesting history and is loaded with loads of sparkle.

The most expensive and most talked about necklace has a centerpiece of egg-shaped diamond. The now flawless yellow gem was chanced upon by a young girl who was playing in a pile of rubble at her uncle’s house in Mbuji Mayin, Republic of Congo, 30 years ago.


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The extravagant piece of jewelry known as L’Incomparable has an egg-sized yellow stone often called ‘The Golden Giant’ suspended from a rose gold setting with 90 white diamonds. It weighs a whopping 637 carats.

Aside from the huge centerpiece which took four years to polish, L’Incomparable also has diamonds of other cuts and sizes: 35 round, 27 pear-shaped, 9 heart-shaped, 5 emerald cut, 5 cushion, 4 oval and 4 others.

Guinness Book of World Records named L’Incomparable the most valuable necklace early this year.

Catch the L’Incomparable and many other precious items at the Singapore JewelFest which runs from October 11-20.


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