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Swarovski wows with Disney’s Mickey and Minnie

Minnie and Mickey Mouse are undeniably the most iconic of all  Disney characters. They have always been the most collectible of all classic Disney characters since they were introduced in the late 1920s. Swarovski brings the adorable pair to life with elegant and sophisticated figurines as part of their limited edition statement pieces this 2013.

According to www.swarovski.com:

Limited to 100 pieces, this exclusive decoration object is delivered in a premium blue suitcase with a certificate of authenticity. Each piece is engraved with its unique edition number.

Both Mickey and Minnie Mouse were crafted using Swarovski’s unique technique called Pointiage®. Minnie Mouse is clad with 32,000 hand-set crystals while Mickey Mouse has 21,000.

Each piece is $ 8,900.00, which is a good price considering the luxury and value of such collectibles. But of course, it would be best to have them as a pair right? What do you think, are you ready to be one of the select few to own Swarovski’s Minnie and Mickey?




Photo credits: www.swarovski.com

Final Thoughts

Swarovski's 2013 Limited Edition Minnie and Mickey Mouse are now available. Each has 20,000 crystals and only 100 figurines were produced. These items have just been released, are you ready to go out and get them??

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