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People see luxury items on television, in glossy magazines, in high-end shops and most would actually ask themselves, “What makes those things so expensive?”

That is exactly what Paris-based photographer Laurence Picot wanted to show. Picot took some of the world’s priciest items and created x-ray prints with the help of radiologist Dr. Jean François Paul, software designer Sylvain Ordureau, and graphic designer Ricardo Escobar. The stunning photos can be collectively found at LuxInside.

According to

The photographs took years to make since the 3D imaging software had to be perfected. After de-noising the images, the team was able to differentiate between the different types of metals and materials that were used below the surface.

Laurence Picot candidly tells Wired: “The principle of luxury objects is that all the traces of work must be invisible, I wanted to show the craftsmanship and innovation inside a project.”

Aside from the website the photographs can be found at the exhibition at the Sofitel Copacabana in Rio De Janeiro until Sept. 20 and in Sao Paulo on Oct.1.


Gibson’s Les Paul electric guitar ($700 to $1,000) and Leica M8 digital camera ($8,000)


Pierre Corthay’s bespoke Arca shoe ($4,000) and Louis XIII cognac ($300 a shot)


S.T. Dupont lighter ($1,000) and Dyson vacuum ($500-$700)

Final Thoughts

If you've ever asked why luxury items are so expensive, check out the x-rays that show the hidden tech behind them. Pretty cool don't you think?

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