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Most expensive Christmas wreath revealed!

Wreaths are a staple in many households during the holiday season. But here is one wreath that will surely be the talk of any neighborhood, it should never be left hanging on the doors too.

The most expensive Christmas wreath is worth £2,835,000 or roughly $4,631,823.

According to

Studded with over 40 diamonds and rubies totalling over 138 carats, exclusive launches website,, is selling the ultimate Christmas wreath for a cool £2,835,000.

The 60cm wreath is made up of some of the most luxurious flowers and leaves in the world and is created by world-renowned Finnish Floral Designer, Pasi Jokinen-Carter.

Pasi Jokinen-Carter is no stranger to opulence as his long list of clients include Royal households, galleries, country clubs and TV production houses.

Here are more details on the grandeur of the most expensive Christmas wreath:

  • use of Laurus, Lingonberry and Blueberry stems from Finland
  • diamonds and rubies provided by 77 Diamonds (offers around 70% of the world’s finest polished diamonds)
  • the wreath only lasts for 12 days
  • once the flowers have wilted, the gems can be removed and attached to next year’s wreath
  • alternatively, the diamonds and rubies can also be made into a piece of jewelry c/o 77 Diamond’s complimentary mounting service
  • a donation of £1,000 from the sale will be made to The Prince’s Trust




Pasi Jokinen-Carter, designed of the most expensive Christmas wreath

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