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A Gold iPad Air like nothing you have seen before

Apple gadgets are always in high demand. And for those who are seeking for even greater luxury, getting the average Apple tech will not cut it. This is why many companies have been churning out iPads and iPhones decked in gold and some stones. But one company is trying to stand out from the rest.

According to oolest-gadgets.com:

We have seen blinged out iPads in the past before, but none of them will be like the 24kt Gold iPad Air. After all, this particular one will have been engraved, laser cut, polished, plated, clear coated, and comes with a CNC’ed black acrylic inlay.

For the price of $5,000, the 24kt Gold iPad Air(128gb) from the company called Computer Choppers/Ademov comes in very limited quantity and each has very intricate design as shown in the photo below.

Computer Choppers also offers gold plated gadgets from the brands Microsoft, Nintendo, Blackberry and Sony.


Photo credits: www.computer-choppers.com

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Care for a $5,000 intricately made gold iPad Air?

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