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Luxury Tree House Lodge

Those looking for the thrill and adventure that only a safari can provide, but want to enjoy the experience with lavish amenities rather than roughing it, need not look any further. The Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is one the finest retreats in Africa, located in Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania, and is “the only permanent luxury lodge” in the area. It is known for the unique and elegant tree-house suites, built on stilts, and surrounded by an ancient and enchanting mahogany forest. The area is alive with wild and exotic animals; you won’t have to safari far at all!

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge offers ten intimate and romantic suites, housing up to twenty guests. The accommodations are luxurious and cozy. After a three hour drive through the park, you’ll reach the private encampment, secluded by the natural habitat of the forest. The houses are lofted high up in the trees, and each come with a private veranda and enormous windows, allowing you to enjoy the wonder and beauty of the African bush. Each suite also comes with a private butler, there to cater to any need or desire. Relax and unwind in the serene and balmy canopy, while hanging around in your suite, you’ll be surrounded by the leafy green top of the forest. The interiors are elegantly designed with natural wood, spacious rooms, and intricately thatched roofs, giving them a rustic, but modern feel. You’ll feel free while bathing in the open air lavatory. Enclosed only by a bamboo screen, this free standing tub offers breathtaking panoramic views of the forest.

You can also enjoy a sweeping view from the lofted pool. The Lake Manyara Tree Lodge brings the water to you, with a generous swimming pool and pool-side lounge at tree-house level. They stick with the natural theme, using local timber accents to complement the surrounding woodland. Here you’ll enjoy more than just sitting around a campfire for dinners and evening entertainment. They’ve erected beautiful structures for open-air dining and relaxing. If the delicious smells have wafted your way in the split-level lounging area, you can watch the food preparation in the open kitchen. You may be worried about the tree climbing lions of the area, but the whole camp is safely surrounded by a gnarly wood fence, tall enough to keep out the beasts.

Created to protect its magnificent elephant herds, Manyara National Park is equally famous for the unusual behavior of its tree-climbing lions as for the flocks of pink flamingos that inhabit the lake’s shores.”

The area is home to zounds of different animals, more than 400 various species of birds alone can be spotted here! You might also encounter a few buffalo, hippo, or graceful Maasai giraffe. Olive baboons are seen in dense packs here, with some in groups of 200. You may also get a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse at the spectacular courtship dance of the gray crowned crane, and that’s just at the lodge!

Game drives are a daily occurrence at Lake Manyara Tree Lodge. Since the park is so isolated, and far from the entrance, you’ll only be exploring areas of the park unaccessible to day visitors, and probably won’t be disturbed by other people. The drives are lead by a guide and tracker team. The vehicle – an open 4×4, with only a screen. You’ll be spared from the sun without any loss of view, allowing for great pictures and a close-up adventure. At dawn, you’ll be roused from sleep to see the morning break and the wilderness come to life. Provided is a hot drink and a snack, before coming back for breakfast. After lunch, when the evening cool sets in, its time for another safari. Watch the herds drink and bathe at the lake and the sun set over the bush. There are other tours offered, including an exclusive nighttime safari, to view nocturnal Africa in action.


It’s no wonder how Lake Manyara Tree Lodge made “Travel Pulse’s” Top 5 Luxury Safaris. This tree-house resort is the upscale version of safari tours, with its plush accommodations, distinguished service, and unbelievable location. Head over to the &Beyond website to book a trip, or to check out the other luxe getaways they have to offer!








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