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Sleep Number X12 “smart bed” lets you sleep like a baby for $8,000

Getting enough sound sleep is a luxury nowadays. Ordinary mattresses will not cut it and a snoring partner does not help either. So what’s the price to pay for a good night’s sleep? Just $8,000.

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Unveiled earlier this week at CES, Sleep Number’s new x12 mattress is the most intelligent mattress that money can buy. And at $8,000 bucks, it damn well better be.

Insomnia is no match for the $8,000 Sleep Number X12 ‘smart’ bed that does the following:

  • monitors movement, breathing and heart rate for later analysis of sleep patterns to achieve the perfect sleep
  • the data is sent wirelessly and  kept as Sleep IQ score with the help of a smartphone app, complete with color coded graphs for progress tracking
  • the app gives advice on how to sleep better
  • elevation and firmness can be adjusted by either the remote control or voice command. Saying “Sleep Number Firmer” makes the mattress firmer
  • the lighting under the bed is also remote and voice activated
  • the favorites button allows users to set the popular bed positions such as “Read and Watch TV”
  • massage capability
  • Bluetooth connectivity to other smart devices

The X12 mattress was unveiled at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and it will go on sale in the United States later this year. A standard mattress costs costs $7,999 (£4,870) and a higher price of $15,399 (£9,380), comes with an upholstered bed, side panel and nightstand.




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