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Interested? Lakefront home offers wonderful views at $3.85M

Want to relax in your own private house? go fishing everyday?
The go to Are Fallen Leaf Lake, about a mile from Lake Tahoe.

The area has hosted filming of major movies, however, some of the land surrounding the lake is privately owned and offers exclusive water views. The property we are talking about is a four bedroom house set on more than an acre of private lakefront land, so you can relax near the lake.

So what is interesting here?
This is what you’ll get: wood framed windows overlooking the water and hills,  four stone fireplaces, fire suppression sprinklers and every bedroom has a suite bathroom.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

You can sit there in the summertime and look at the snow-capped mountains. It’s green coming up to the house because of the aspens and old-growth cedars, said Kelly Flaherty of McCall Realty, who is listing the home for $3.9 million. It’s a different world. It’s set back from the craziness of South Lake Tahoe.

San Francisco Chronicle


What we like about this house is that the deck can be accessed through the kitchen, living room and office, making it the best place to gather in front of the great views.
Even Hollywood was in this region in 1992, shooting scenes for “The Bodyguard” at Fallen Leaf Lake.

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Now to some funny stuff from this area:

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to relax all day long, be with family members and just enjoy life, this IS a dream house...

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