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For Sale: Luxurious S$1.5M Houseboat at Sentosa Cove

Everybody wants cruising. But it will be nicer to have your own mini- cruise ship that will give you all the luxury that you want. Spacious deck where you can let the wind swish through your hair, luxurious cabins or suites that feels like being swayed by the small waves underneath when you sleep, and a house- like boat that will bring you wherever you want– that’s exactly the description to  S$1.5M- worth houseboat.

According to opp-connect.com:

A luxury houseboat at ‘the world’s most desirable address’ in Singapore is on sale for an eye-watering S$1.55million (US$1.24million).

The rare, luxurious houseboat for sale has a floor area of 3,000 square foot (which is S$413 per square foot) berthed at Sentosa Cove. The sale for the houseboat has been circling around Singapore as it has been listed on the Asian PropertyGuru portal under condominium section for months.

The property was owned by Singaporean couple and was by being market by an agent named Mr. Ken Tan of PropertyGuru. The agent said that prospective buyers of the houseboat can live in residential enclave of Sentosa Cove without the need of paying a premium.

Because of the costly pay in mortgage, people especially in Singapore find alternative way of living, and one of which is “living on boats,” according to Sentosalanded.



Photo credits: sentosalanded.com

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