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Coming To America’s McDowell’s Replaced By Luxury Condos

The well known landmark used as a venue from one of Eddie Murphy’s 1988 classic Coming to America is about to be replaced by a $105 million luxury apartment complex.

McDowell’s, a replica of McDonalds where the comedian’s character Prince Akeem works as a janitor was the key location of the movie.

According to,

“There is an attachment to the brick and mortar, but everything crumbles in time and you have to make way for the new stuff,” John Amos, who played McDowell, the proprietor of the restaurant in the film, told the Wall Street Journal. ”I guess they call it progress, and in the process we lose a lot of memories.”

Currently, the building was converted to Wendy’s. Customers according to the Yelp reviews say they preferred Mr. Murphy’s former employer over the brick and mortar reality.  Since he was long gone we think this is a smart move to make use of the location but its sad to say goodbye to a once landmark. So we ask, yay or nay?

Final Thoughts

Maybe it is really the time for McDowell's to end but looking at the brighter side, luxury condos can be soon to be everyone's favorite to stay at.

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